Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm getting FIT!!

How you may ask?!

I got Wii Fit!!

OMG My fitness age was 41!!! I'm 23!!! LOL. Says my BMI and weight is average, but I still want to lose 9ish pounds. SO here's to staying on tract with my new fun video game that I called all over Charleston to find!

We're going camping this weekend, so you probably won't hear from me! Have a fun and safe labor day weekend!!

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alicia said...

yuppeee! you will love it! The fit is so much fun! It really motivates you too when little wii fit board makes you feel so stinkin bad!

Silver said...

Enjoy your weekend! The wii sounds like fun!

sharonvw said...

Hope you're having an awesome camping weekend! Enjoy the Wii!

Carrie said...

I would love to know how the games come up with your "age!" I have a brain age (game for Nintendo DS) of 65!!! Nothing like a game to make you feel so badly!

Have fun camping! What a great way to spend a holiday weekend!

Monica LeMoine said...

sounds familiar. I always want to lose about 10 lbs. Someday I'll achieve it...ha!

☆ Loren ☆ said...

OMG! So somehow when i redid my blogroll your blog got lost! I KNEW someone was missing, and when i saw your comment i got so excited! :)! Im going to get right to the tagging! Thanks!

I have a Wii and have been wanting a Wii Fit for quite sometime now... I was hopeing the price would go down, but either way it is on my list of things to get soon. Id love to know how much you like it! I really need something to get me back in shape!

I wanted to move my doctors apt. up since i did not start AF..BUT.. im waiting on our new insurance cards to come in the mail (hubby recently changed jobs therfore new insurance) They should be here anyday now.

Your in my prayers!!

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