Friday, August 22, 2008


Monica from Knocked Up Knocked Down kills me. She's so freaking hilarious. She's the kinda blog writer I like to read :)

She made a little pictorial of her KuKd journey, so I thought I would too!!! (Definitely read her blog for her definition of Knock Up, Knocked Down.)

awww fun Katie and her sister in law! February! No more BCPs, but not really thinking much about baby yet..... Just seeing what happens!! She's so happy and so carefree... I miss her... Fun Katie and SIL...

In Atlanta for a Rad Tech conference sending kisses home to my husband!!! March 2nd, month of KuKd. Totally oblivious to the HELL that will soon be falling into my lap (or toilet...) in less than a week. Aahhhh so naive... (Phone pic, sorry for quality!)

Almost Easter! At CVS getting our passport pictures done for our Rad Tech Registry applications. We were both pregnant here and didn't even know it yet!!!! (another phone pic!)

Awww pregnant me. All tired and knocked up... That is my niece Regan. Her mommy was buying a new car and I was trying to keep this hell-fire child sane and under control. I remember being so so so scared of picking her and her little sister up.... (once again, phone pic...)

One week after miscarriage. Ignore the date. It's wrong. Oh and look! It's Kelly! Still pregnant! Her baby shower is next weekend. She's having a boy. His name is Jarrett. Hmm. Wonder when my baby shower would be. What I would be having. What it's name would be?!

April 29th. One month after miscarriage. First totally drunken night after miscarriage. Huge giant miscarriage drunk meltdown alllllll the way home from Wild Wings! Isn't my husband hot?!

Maddox, possible whole-in-heart-filler-upper? Probably. If he didn't eat poop.

Sometime this summer. Just found out that another friend of mine is pregnant. On accident. Not planned. Has 2 kids already (one just turned 1). Totally happy for her, but now I'm pretty sure God is making me wait my turn through this long long line of people I know who have JUST had babies getting pregnant again before I'm up again. BTW that is a fake smile.

Few days ago trying on bridesmaids dresses with my BFF, bride-to-be, Emily. Looking like my normal Katie there. Very refreshing picture.... Real smile.

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alicia said...

cute pics! you are so pretty!

Katie said...

I like that. I may have to do one as well! Thanks for visiting my blog and giving me some info about being a radtech

Jaymee said...
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Jaymee said...

you are just too cute. i know how you feel, everyone i know gets pregnant at the drop of their panties, and then complain about their kids. it just isn't fair.


Anonymous said...

Here from ICLW
Love the pics.
Can so relate, I used to be Fun Shaz, then for 6 years I lost her in the haze of miscarriages and treatments and sadness and other people's birth announcements.
But hang in there, you will find Fun Katie again I promise. Took me six years but ask any of my friends, Fun Shaz is Back and I'm loving her!
P.S. Also a HUGE Monica fun, got to love that girl.
Also KuKd! :-(

Anonymous said...

Cute photos! TTC isn't fun anymore for me either. I also had an early miscarriage, I didn't even have time to tell my family (which was a blessing and also a curse). I hate this journey and I feel TTC is something you are supposed to be happy about. Every step is painful.
Angry IF

Monica LeMoine said...

Hey dude! Thanks for checking me out! KuKd Strong Mommas Unite! Yes, your hubby is a hottie. I love the first-drunk-picture-after-miscarriage shot. OMG, I totally get the drunkened meltdown after a miscarriage. Don't we all.

Kristin said...

You are beautiful. A loss can be devastating whether its your first or your fifth. I hope you get a BFP soon and never have to experience another loss.

mrsmoore08 said...

Thanks for the idea!

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