Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My US (Part Two) & Other Musings

My doctor called me back this morning. YAAY! She said my pap in April, my bloodwork a few weeks ago, and my US yesterday all looked normal. She said that there was a tiny cyst on my right ovary, most likely from ovulating.

Hmm. Ovulating?

That would mean I ovulated on time... ME?!?!

But she said it was all okay so I would see her in October for my next pap.

Soooo.... I was happy until DUH I realized the reason we did all that was because of my crazy luteal phases. But if I ovulated on time this month then it's okay...

October is just 2 cycles away. I'll just sit back and do what I have been doing. I told my husband that our chances of concieving this month were probably thrown out the window because the Dr told me to have sex every 3rd day and we've been having sex, like 3 times a day... Not really 3. May be a slight exaggeration. But still. OR JUST MAY BE this month since I haven't been worrying about it, it will work out.

But if you conscientiously make an effort NOT to worry about it, does it count when I think about not worrying about it?

Something to think about...

As for non reproductive related news, I finished "Something Blue" last night. I read it in one day!! It was SO good! (Carrie- It gets much better, and so does Darcy!) I also "taught" in the nursery at VBS last night. And in "taught" I mean held a 3 month old baby and she feel asleep in my arms and I never put her down for 2 hours. I loved it. I really really wanted to just take her home with me. Her mother had PCOS and stopped trying and VA LA! Oops. That's reproductive related...

3 people that love me told me so:

Carrie said...

So glad to hear that your results were normal! I hope this is your month! (This may be a little late but remember that those are YOUR medical records. You can request them at anytime from your doctor's office.)

So guess I have to start reading Something Blue again. I think I can handle it if Darcy changes her attitude. Have you read her other books?

Marie said...

Welcome to bloggy land. I hope you get those two pink lines quickly. You will find great people on here to cheer you on. I do not know what I would do without them.

Amanda said...

"But if you conscientiously make an effort NOT to worry about it, does it count when I think about not worrying about it?"

That's a question I ask myself all the time... or at least all the time we're ttc, which seems like it's all the time. Sigh.

Congrats on the timely ovulation.

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