Monday, August 4, 2008

My US (Part One)

Sooooo I had my ultrasound today. It was weird. I had bloodwork a few weeks ago and the US tech said "So are you having a follow up with your doctor?" and I said "well I have a pap in October, and if everything is normal, I think we were just going to stick with that. I would think she would call me if my bloodwork and/or my US wasn't normal.... I don't know...." and she said "let me look at your chart..."

So she looked at my chart for a little while. It felt like forever. Was probably only 10 seconds... She said "Well I don't have your bloodwork (hmm she was reading SOMETHING) but I'll get a nurse to pull them up for you."

Ok. US began...

We talked. I'm an xray tech and have been thinking about US school.

Then afterwards she told me to get dressed and she would meet me outside. silly girl left my measurements on the screen, so I took the liberty of taking a picture of them with my blackberry so someone could tell me what was up with them hahaha. I'm bad, I know it.

So I went outside she was so adamant on getting my phone number. I asked her about my bloodwork and she said she would get my number and have someone call me. UMMM they SHOULD be in the chart you are holding and why can't a nurse tell me right now?? Sounds like something is up...? May be I just have an over-active imagination?? Idk... But anyways, she said "well your doctor is in today, so she'll call you." Why?

Anyways, here are my measurements. It says AVE which I guess is Average, and my scan and the AVE numbers are the exact same thing, but there are two more slots of 2 more scan measurements, so I'm pretty sure it's an average of my scans, not an average of women.

Anyone know what's normal? Anyone care to put me out of my anxiety misery and tell me if I should be worried or not? Sorry for the poor quality. Quick cell phone pics before anyone noticed I was taking a couple extra seconds so put my pants back on...

I've been sick the last few days. I was secretly wishing that my last AF was just a fluke (my mom had a period or 2 when preggers with me) and that I would have a 10 week old baby in there. No such luck I guess!!!

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