Thursday, November 26, 2009

He's Here!

My little turkey made his appearance in the world today. He is absolutely PERFECT and I'm SO in love. I will post tomorrow with details, but due to my current energy level (I've fallen asleep 3 times during this so far..., I'll just leave you with a couple pictures!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In The Hospital

Head over to for our latest adventure- being admitted into Labor & Delivery and our possible Turkey Day c-section!

Monday, November 9, 2009

A Long Week!

Thanks for the comments on my last post. One night last week I had one of the worst nights in a long time. I was having BH/contractions every 3 minutes. It was awful. Some were painful, all were uncomfortable and full of pressure. I didn't call my office because they don't give a crap about me and my contractions. The only person I can actually get to care is my actual doctor and she's impossible to get to, so there really is no point. I took some Tylenol, laid on a heating pad, laid on my side, drank tons of water... Nothing. Finally at like midnight, totally exhausted, I took a hot bath. That helped with the discomfort and pressure. I was still having them, but they were bearable, so I went to sleep. Then at 4 when the husband got up I was still having them. At 8 when I got up I was having them sporatically but not bad. I put myself on bed rest the rest of the day.

I called the Dr office to at least see if there was something else I could do. They said "take tylenol... lay on your side.... lay on a heating pad.... drink water...." Did all that. I asked the nurse to tell my doctor that I called because I already have a shortened AND softened cervix and she's been keeping an eye on my contractions and cervix. I bet one bajillion dollars she didn't. I'll find out at my appointment on Thursday! And if she didn't get the message, I hope someone gets in huge trouble. I am so sick of this office it's absolutely ridiculous. If I didn't like my Dr so much, I would be GONE already...

I especially hate the contractions because when I have them, I can't feel the baby move at all. So I don't know if he is and I can't feel it, or if he's hating them as much as I am. I know they are "Just BH" but with the frequency and severity of them that I'm having, they can still cause cervical changes. I'll just have that home birth that so many women are DYING to have because my dang doctor's office can't care worth a doodle!

But since then I've felt pretty good. I take baths every night and that helps a lot. We have a huge jacuzzi bath tub so it's great. Another thing that I have noticed is that I can't eat a lot or that causes me to feel like crap and have contractions too. I'm trying to learn what helps and what hinders since I'm the only one that wants to help myself!

I had my baby shower yesterday and it was SO MUCH FUN! I got tons of stuff for the baby and got to see a lot of people! I have the best friends and family! You can read a recap of the day over at Baby Bumble B :)

Today the baby made me pee my pants. I had just peed, but he found some drops I had missed I guess and just squeezed them right out. It was kinda funny!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Just Cause It's Halloween Doesn't Mean You Can Scare Me

Yesterday was my 30 week OB appointment. We are now measuring 3 weeks behind. You may remember at 28 weeks we were measuring 2 weeks behind. So the doctor ordered an US to check his size.

I went in this morning and saw my little man. The US tech said his head is lower than she's seen in years and years. She couldn't get over how low he was. 2nd tech to tell me that this week! She said my fluid was good, he was proportional, but small at 2lbs 11ozs. She then proceeds to have me sit in the waiting area for the Dr.

Okay, this may not sound like a big deal to you, but this office is notorious (in my book) to drop the ball and send me packing. So for her to make me wait kinda freaked me out a little. I was planning on waiting anyways because I wanted to know the deal, but for her to tell me too...

Then she comes out and says "She's (the doctor) not here yet, and I'm not sure when she will be, but you have to wait because I need to show her these pictures."

Ummmm. I started to freak. I was almost in tears in the waiting room. Like WTF is wrong with my baby?! Christopher was at work and I was texting him with NO answer. It was awful.

Then she comes out a few minutes later "Okay! Everything looks great! She's happy! She said you can go!"

Wow. Way to scare the living shit out of me.

I told Christopher I don't care if he gets FIRED. If I am in a situation like that ever again he is to be there no questions asked. I can't deal without him. He's seriously my rock, and I can't be alone in situations like that. The other day I got sick and puked everywhere all over myself in my car(wanted to know that huh?!) and he left his meeting to see what was wrong. I'm BAWLING (because I'm a baby) and tell him I got sick all over myself. I was expecting a "That sucks babe, but seriously? this isn't a big deal" but instead he was so so sweet and sounded so upset for me and talked to me for a really long time until I was feeling better. Because by that point I was crying about getting sick, I was crying because I have crazy hormones, and then it turned into how much I miss him and I hate how he works all the time and I want to spend more time with him to just blubbering crazy woman. And he was so sweet the entire time.

I just love him.

So the moral of this story- Baby is low, skinny like his daddy, I will be jealous of them both for the rest of my life, Christopher has to go with me everywhere at all times and never leave my side, and I am crazy.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bad Blogger

I have been a bad blogger over here! I just don't have a lot to talk about. I've been blogging at Baby Bumble B a lot. I had a 4D US Sunday and you can read about it there if you'd like. I just hate to talk about my super fabulous pregnancy here all the time, but I've been pretty miserable and I absolutely don't want to complain here since I remember wishing this crap on myself. SOOO I've just been sitting back, keeping up with everyone, but not having much to say.

I have an appointment tomorrow and hopefully a cervical check. My belly has definitely gotten bigger so I'm crossing my fingers for a normal size measurement this week!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Not REALLY The News I Wanted To Hear

Today I finally had my appointment (since they screwed it up last week). They went ahead and just did my glucose test while I was there. I told my doctor that I still continue to have Braxton Hicks all the time and they are 50/50 painful/not painful. She checked me (and it hurt! What's up with that?!) and said "oh! His head is right there!" Ummm yeah... I know... She said I was closed up but still a little short. She said she was probably going to do an ultrasound at my next appointment. She measured me and said we are two weeks behind, that I'm only measuring 26 weeks. I am 28 today. I don't really know what to think about that. She mentioned the US again, so I don't know if she's going to check him out or not. She said I was long waisted so that was probably why..?

I've only gained 5 pounds this whole pregnancy, and yes while I joke about how nice it is, now it's annoying me because is my baby too small? What's going on? I eat all the time. It's not like I'm starving us. I'm not really worried, just kinda like "what...?" It's frustrating. I'm just having a very hormonal pregnancy week and have tons to complain about, but I won't!

I'm up to appointments every 2 weeks now, which I like a lot!

Hope everyone remembered today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness/Remembrance Day! I wrote a little post about it on Bumble B. I also bought a domain for it, so no blogspot anymore! You can still use the same URL I believe, but the new one is now! Pretty nifty huh?

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I started Hubster-ism's over on Little Baby Bumble B! It sounds like so much fun to me! I'd love for you to participate! Just blog and submit the silly thing your hubster says. And I KNOW they say a lot of silly things. They're boys... ;)

Want to read more hubster-isms or join the fun and submit one of your own?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just Annoyed

My Doctor's office deserves a gold medal for being the most unorganized crap hole on earth.

I had an appointment this morning. Yesterday I realized I hadn't gotten a reminder call so I wanted to make sure it was still on. I call the main office, which I HATE. They said I wasn't on the schedule at all and to call the small office (that I go to) and talk to my dr's nurse to see if she can get me in anyways.

So I call. And I call. And call. Call. Call. Call. I leave 2 messages. Nothing.

So at 9 this morning I called and it turns out my appointment WAS there at 8:40, but it didn't show my name because I'm "BLOCKED" because I have a balance. ??WTF??

So she makes me a new appointment at the main office with a midwife. I asked "Are they going to make me pay that whole balance?" (400+ dollars btw) and she said "ummm may be just like 250." Well I can't do that. I can do like 50 that's it, and she said to try, that should be fine. Well I have been turned away at this main office before for money issues. PLUS this midwife knows nothing about me. Nothing about my cervical history. So even if I get BACK THERE it'll be a waste of time because I'll have to explain everything and try to get her to check me.

I have nothing against midwives, but I'm not the most routine pregnancy in the world. I would like to be seen by MY DOCTOR. I would like to be checked by MY DOCTOR. I want to talk about my lack of weight gain to MY DOCTOR. Not someone that doesn't know me!

I know once I am in the hospital chances of having my doctor are like nothing, but that's okay. I'm having the baby. It's all over. But up until that point, I want MY DOCTOR.

So I just called and said I wasn't going and I wanted the next available with MY DOCTOR at the small office. So October 15th, here we come...

So annoying.

BTW! I am having a giveaway at Little Baby Bumble B! Come see!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Thanks For The Support!

Thanks for all of the support yesterday. I decided to make a new blog on Blogger. The new link is Once I get a spare ten bucks I'm going to host it and have the blogspot removed!

I'm planning a HUGE giveaway! I am really excited about it. So please keep checking back. I plan on being here just as much as always and reading up on all my girls!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Home?

I've been thinking for awhile about moving or changing my name.

If all goes accordingly, I will have a baby soon. I won't be trying to get preggers or stay preggers anymore. My blog will be alllll about my baby boy and my adventures in first time motherhood, cloth diapering, life, breastfeeding, etc.

I love this blog and it really helped me through some tough times. I still want to keep this blog and talk about loss (because let's face it, the pain never goes away.) and infertility thoughts, and it's my first HOME! I still have my parents' house number programmed in my cell phone as "home" and I haven't lived there in almost 7 years. It's where I grew up, and this blog is where I grew up.

I was thinking about just starting a whole new one under this same profile, but with this new blog I want everyone to see. All my real life friend's too. I DON'T want them to see this one, because I talk about really private stuff, and sometimes, them.

So I have decided to start all over. What a pain. Now, Blogger or Wordpress?

I want to hopefully somehow monetize with my new blog and make it better than ever. Since I have no job basically (read yesterday's post) I should have time to put in some effort.

I just feel for me that once this baby comes, it would be rude to continue acting like I'm a loss/infertile girl and talk about Bumble B all the time. And I want a place that everyone can come to. Is this weird?

I'd love thoughts on moving and my feelings!

Here is my first sweet baby girl Cinderella loving on her little brother Bumble B this morning. He continuously kicks her all night and day, and she doesn't mind one bit. I hope she's this content when he shows up ;)

BTW, I added captcha to my comments temporarily. I am having a spammer spam my posts so for a little while that'll be on! I'm sorry! I hate them too!!!!
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