Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just Annoyed

My Doctor's office deserves a gold medal for being the most unorganized crap hole on earth.

I had an appointment this morning. Yesterday I realized I hadn't gotten a reminder call so I wanted to make sure it was still on. I call the main office, which I HATE. They said I wasn't on the schedule at all and to call the small office (that I go to) and talk to my dr's nurse to see if she can get me in anyways.

So I call. And I call. And call. Call. Call. Call. I leave 2 messages. Nothing.

So at 9 this morning I called and it turns out my appointment WAS there at 8:40, but it didn't show my name because I'm "BLOCKED" because I have a balance. ??WTF??

So she makes me a new appointment at the main office with a midwife. I asked "Are they going to make me pay that whole balance?" (400+ dollars btw) and she said "ummm may be just like 250." Well I can't do that. I can do like 50 that's it, and she said to try, that should be fine. Well I have been turned away at this main office before for money issues. PLUS this midwife knows nothing about me. Nothing about my cervical history. So even if I get BACK THERE it'll be a waste of time because I'll have to explain everything and try to get her to check me.

I have nothing against midwives, but I'm not the most routine pregnancy in the world. I would like to be seen by MY DOCTOR. I would like to be checked by MY DOCTOR. I want to talk about my lack of weight gain to MY DOCTOR. Not someone that doesn't know me!

I know once I am in the hospital chances of having my doctor are like nothing, but that's okay. I'm having the baby. It's all over. But up until that point, I want MY DOCTOR.

So I just called and said I wasn't going and I wanted the next available with MY DOCTOR at the small office. So October 15th, here we come...

So annoying.

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