Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sweet Kayleigh

Please head over to The Freeman's blog that they have been writing about sweet baby Kayleigh since she was born at 1lb 1oz 10 months ago.

Fighting all the odds, Kayleigh was about to head home after one last procedure, where she did not get enough oxygen to her brain and was pronounced brain dead.

Kayleigh passed away last night. Please go over and give her family all the prayers and support that you can. Their faith is amazing and it has gotten stronger through this rough journey.

Kayleigh Anne

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purejoy said...

i too have been praying (and blogging about) the freemans. i could KICK myself for missing their story on the doctors!! KICK!!
just read about your pregnancy over at april's mom his will wed site. it would be an honor to pray for you!
blessings from tennessee

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