Monday, May 11, 2009

5w3d US from HELL

So I went to my US this morning. I had this witch of a tech. Last time I went before I started the Clomid, she bitched about "your generation" the whole time.

She scanned be for what seemed like FOREVER and finally showed me. She said "There are 2 sacs, but there aren't babies in them. They are so small my machine won't even measure them." I told her that I ovulated 5 days late, so honestly the babies really are only 4w5ds, but she didn't want to listen to anything I said. I asked her to print a picture for me and she said "Ugh well I guess, but there isn't anything there. This doesn't mean anything."

Eff you.

So I left way more freaked out than before. I called a numerous amount of my US friends and they all agreed with me that my O date makes total sense on why there aren't babies yet. One of the girls said this same exact tech said "Your babies Nuchal fold is large, she has Downs syndrome." and the baby is fine. My other friend said this same tech told her every single time she scanned her "he isn't moving. this concerns me. Something's wrong with him." He's fine. He's the baby I watch 2-3 times a week. They both told me never to listen to a word she says because she is an absolute idiot.

I sent my picture to one of the girls and she said she would call it an early twin gestation and it looked great. Something about colors... I have no clue. But they all told me to not stress, and it was fine. But of course I'm freaking, because why wouldn't I? This woman basically told me I have a twin molar pregnancy? I wish I didn't even HAVE the stupid US. It did nothing for my nerves...

Well except...:

GREAT NEWS the sacs are about the same size now, and have definitely grown, so I think that's a great thing.

Excuse my nose. IDK why it looks like the size of Mount Rushmore.

Link to a larger version :)

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Crysbena said...

What a crazy tech!! That would totally tick me off. I hope your sticky babies keep on growing strong.

Alissa said...

DEMAND you NEVER be seen by that us tech again! Take charge of your health care!!
I learned this with my first pregnancy when my (MORON!) dr told me, "Maybe I should put you on bed rest." but he never did...never told me what to do or anything. Four days later I ended up with severe preeclampsia and could have died!

Elana Kahn said...

Wow...some people are really just idiots. Anyway, even if you were *actually* 5w3d you wouldn't be able to see babies. I had one at 5w5d and they couldn't see much. Wait until 7 weeks and then you'll see babies and heartbeats!!! YAY!

Jonas said...

I am confused on your dates? you posted + at 12 dpo and early post said 5 weeks.. It adds to 5w3d, so how are you at 4w5d? Sorry as I dont always understand the math.. There is a calculation for size tho if you could get a reading? $ weeks should be 3mm, 5 weeks 6..
Gestational Sac: Gestational age = 4 weeks plus (mean sac diameter in mm x days). This relies on the growth of the normal gestational sac of 1 mm per day after the 4th week of gestation. For example, a gestational sac measuring 11 mm would be approximately 5 weeks and 4 days gestational age. (4 weeks plus 11 days = 5 weeks and 4 days).
Maybe that will help you?
Best of luck!! : )

Katie said...

I ovulated on day 19, therefore the babies aren't 5w3d they are technically mathmatically really only at 4w5d

Kelli said...

What a crappy tech! Keep those fingers crossed and I'll be praying for your next u/s to be a much better experience!!

Dianne said...

Wow who does she think she is??? I would request some one else or bring in my ipod to tune her out!!! j/k! But you could bring up your concerns with the doc!

Anyways Happy Mother's Day!!!

Just Caz said...

What a miserable bitch.
I would totally love to kick her ass for you dear.

So glad to hear that both sacs are right on track..
here is to happy and healthy mom and babies.

Ps you look beautiful

alicia said...

techs totally have screwed me up in the past too! don't let her words worry you, just keep sending those babes some positive healthy growing vibes! I am sure they are doing just great :)

Nina said...

She is not an OB, and therefore not qualified to make those kinds of statements. I would report her for just generally being inappropriate. And your physician should have met with you to discuss what you saw, not let the u/s tech treat you that way. I agree with Alissa. Demand you see the doctor next time. Good luck!

Marni's Organized Mess said...

How EXCITING!!!!!! I am so hoping for twins. How much clomid did you take? Okay, I am reading further.

I might consider switching doc's too. Grrr, what a *****!

Crystal said...

oh my goodness! I am so sorry you had to experience something like that. I will be praying girl. Stay strong!!

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