Thursday, July 30, 2009

God Said Wiggle, And He Wiggled

A year ago I posted an entry about being afraid to pray. I've kinda experiencing that again. I prayed and prayed for the twins and lost one. I quit praying and Bumble B's been fine since.

But in recent posts you've seen I haven't been all fine. I've felt kinda lost. The husband and I are having some pretty icky financial problems and a couple huge fights. Not feeling the baby and not feeling pregnant really just iced the cake. I've just been down.

So 2 nights ago I asked God to help me. I think He was just waiting on me. Ever since this baby has been wiggling nonstop and I feel it all!! That night I was reading and I felt a kick from the outside. And this time I knew it wasn't bowel or gas. It was for sure him. Ever since, he's been rockin and rollin in my belly. Remember that whirlpool game you played when you were a kid? You just go in circles in the pool as fast and as hard as you can to make a whirlpool? That's what he was doing! He learned it from his daddy at 12 weeks. So not only is he wiggly but he's smart with a great memory too!!! ;)

So God answered my prayers. It happens.

BTW, what was the flutter/butterfly feelings I was told I would get?! Forget that, these are nudges and flips! Now I'm really not disappointed at all about not having a belly. If I wasn't so thin I may not be able to feel him, especially that initial kick from the outside. I'm sure he was saying "cheer up mom! I'm in here!"

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Beautiful Mess said...

Awww how cute! I'm glad you're feeling your little guy in there! It's such a great feeling.

Wait until he gets bigger and there's no room in there and you'll be able to SEE the outline if his foot through your belly. It's SO weird!

Nic said...

I am so pleased that he has got his wiggle on! Must be amazing to feel him.

Laura Fiegel said...

I am SO excited that you are feeling him kick - it's such an amazing feeling :)

Michelle said...

What a beautiful post! SO glad God heard you!

looking4#3 said...

He's been hearing you all along, just waiting for you to have the faith again! So glad your LO is giving you the feedback you so desperatly needed!!!
Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

hopefaithlove said...

I loved that feeling enjoy it!

FertilAid Amy said...

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If there's interest on your part, we'd be happy to send you product samples for you to review or to use as giveaways. Just fyi, we're by no means a large pharmaceutical company and are committed to helping women conceive safely and naturally.

ALSO: I love your blog, contact me if you want me to feature it on my Facebook and Twitter page.

Melissa said...

Hey Katie. I'm about 2 weeks new to your blog but have loved reading it. I'm so glad he wiggled for you. I can't wait to feel that. It must be amazing. Anyway, I've left an award for you over on my recently started blog. Enjoy!

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