Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Welcome to any new readers and HI! to my regulars! ;)

My name is Katie. My husband Christopher and I just celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary. We live in South Carolina with our two chihuahuas!

We are currently pregnant with a little baby boy (15-16w). He and his miscarried twin (7w) were conceived on our first round of Clomid. We also have an angel baby from March 08.

I feel so lucky to only dabble in IF. This pregnancy has been tough for me though since I miscarried IN this pregnancy but am still pregnant... It's a very strange feeling. I'm getting more and more excited and convinced that this may actually happen, and that's a relief.

In a couple of days I will be celebrating my blogoversary!!! I'll also celebrate my 100th post that I didn't even realize I did about 10 posts ago. Stay tuned for some fun flashbacks!

Thanks for stopping by :D
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Jill said...

oh crap! I forgot today was the 21st! pretty sure I'm goind to be a terrible ICLWer this month :( Thanks for the reminder! :)

cowboyboot lady said...

Happy blogoversary!!!

Kerri said...

Hi there! I'm here from ICLW. Congrats on your pregnancy. Yay for being out of the first trimester too. You're almost to the halfway point!!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Happy ICLW! (And I wish I could get set up to post from my phone... for some reason it doesnt like my phone service)

Billy said...

Thanks for the intro :-).
Happy to hear about the pregnancy!

Clio said...

sorry about your losses, but how great that you are now pregnant. :)
congrats on your little boy, may he bring you much joy.

Jess said...

Hi Katie! Thanks for the comment! I'm so sorry to hear about both your losses. I can't imagine losing a baby while pregnant, that must be a very odd feeling.

I'm also on clomid. This month will be my 3rd round...I hope it works for me as well as it did for you!

Congrats on the little boy! I'll be praying for him! I can't wait to see his beautiful face in 5 months!



BB said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Thanks for stopping by and for your wishes! ER went well... I delivered 27 eggs!


Stefany said...

Heading over to wish you a Happy blogoversary!

I also read some of your posts. Cograts on your pregnancy and making it out of the first trimester. Remember that your angel babies are watching over that little one you are growing with love.

Best wishes for you!

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