Friday, July 17, 2009

Pity Party

In this post I will be complaining about pregnancy. I did not appreciate these posts while I was TTC, so I suggest that if you are TTC right now, don't read this. And if you do read it and are offended, that's your fault not mine, and don't tell me about it either because Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. Thank you!

This hurts. I knew that at like 7-9 months I'd be hurting, but this shit hurts NOW. This baby is all kinds of low. He's sitting on my freaking cervix, butt hole, and bladder. I haven't felt movement yet, but I keep getting this shocking pin needle like pains down low, and I'm pretty sure that is my hyperactive son playing bongos on my cervix, bladder, and any other nerve he can find down there.

I just want him to MOVE UP, get out of my pelvis, and give me a cute belly and a kick or two outside of the pelvic girdle! I look skinnier than before I was knocked up! Christopher says to not rush it, but I can't help it :( I'm ready for the fun pregnancy stuff. I'm tired of this not sleeping, peeing all the time, pain, morning sickness, and nothing yet to show for it.

People are a lot more considerate when there is a belly to blame. Anytime I just say "OWWW" in passing they say "oh stop complaining, just wait, blah blah freaking blah." Sorry bitch. Just cause I don't have a watermelon size belly yet DOESN'T MEAN there isn't a human inside of me already smushing my organs and ripping my abdominal muscles. Thanks!

Okay. Thanks. I just really wanted to vent and rant. I feel better now.

Oh and BTW I love my baby. I'm not being mean to him, really, I just would like for him to use some of the space he is privy too for his amnio-olypmics! Good thing he's so stinkin' cute...

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Ashley said...

I know how you feel when i was pregnant with my son I was in tons of pain and achy all the time it would never go away. I would sit in the bath tub with warm water hoping it would somewhat relieve me which it did a little. It does get better over time. I hope that time comes sooner than later for you so you can finally enjoy yourself and not be in pain. And yes you have every right to complain there is nothing in the world like aches and pains of pregnancy.

Jill said...

LOVE your disclaimer :)

About the belly thing? I get it. I have a bloat belly right now, but not any bigger than normal, really, so the sympathy is not to be found. And really? I pretty much hate the "just wait until..." crap. it's crap.

Move up, Baby

Beautiful Mess said...

Having a baby low does hurt! Zilla didn't move low until around 7 months or so, but I remember that feeling you describe. It HURTS! You waddle and you feel just SO miserable!

Complain away, sweetie! Just because you're moaning and groaning does NOT mean you aren't grateful for this baby and the pregnancy! I hate that we feel that was, it's really not fair!

Jules said...

Definetely had some not so fun times while pregnant - vent away!

Ape said...

Its perfectly okay to complain about your pregnancy!! It does not mean you dont love your baby any less! Being prego is not easy at times!!! Congrats! I hope you dont mind me folowing you!!!

♥ Apryle

B MoM said...

uh-oh, if you're this uncomfortable now, imagine how uncomfortable you'll be in a few months!? I've been recently coming to the realization that pregnancy isn't as easy as I thought it was going to be...(I breezed through my first trimester and so far most of my second). Apparently, my discomfort is now just beginning though!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Just because we want to be pregnant so badly it hurts doesn't mean that we don't get to complain when it finally happens. Any one who says otherwise had better not say so around me! (and those 'just wait' commenters can come on over here too... I'll take care of them for ya!) Hope he moves up soon!

Mom of 3 and bride-to-be! said...

I feel like shit too.
I'm 8 weeks and 2 days, with baby #4 (I have a 6 year old son and identical twin boys that are 22 months)
This is my LAST baby, and it's like i'm suffering the MOST because of it. NO FAIR. I'm so sick and tired and puky and everything just freaking sucks.
I hope it's a girl. :(

Anonymous said...

I complain all the time about being pregnant, you'd thnk having HG was the end of the world the way I carry on some days. I feel guilty about it but I still complain, being pregnant is painful and you feel like crap - you're growing a human and it sure takes a lot out of you.

I hope your bub moves up soon and gives you a bit of a break.

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