Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I am absolutely disgusted. I am almost in tears at the moment by the way some people in this world behave.

I was using the Google Machine (IDK why I call it that. It makes me laugh) for 2010 TTC blinkies and came across a forum and there were these two girls talking about trying to get pregnant and then continued on talking about how they smoke marijuana to regulate their cycles and ease their cramps. Another girl called them on it and they attacked her and continued to say how they probably won't quit smoking while they are pregnant because there is no evidence that suggests that harm is done to the fetus and one girl goes as far as saying that her BOYFRIEND (not husband, not fiance... not judging sorry, but this girl is obviously immature) 's mom smoked when she was pregnant with him and he's fine and creative. I am not making this crap up. I am serious. So I wrote them back and said

"May be y'all should grow up before you try to get pregnant. That lifestyle wouldn't be healthy for a baby. And really pisses of people that can't get pregnant and would give a baby a good home.
And please visit the March Of Dimes so you can see what smoking does to fetuses. Low birth weight and early birth is not a joke. They can both be life threatening. Y'all obviously aren't mature enough to put another life ESPECIALLY YOUR CHILD'S before you're own. Just wait awhile."

It absolutely INFURIATES me that these kind of girls are getting pregnant and I can't. I'm still trying to process Alicia's blog that I read yesterday from October that she wasn't approved for adoption because she sought medical attention for depression stemming from IF but MONSTERS are able to have and keep all the children they want. It is exactly right. I am just so absolutely heartbroken that a child is going to be born into these peoples' lives one day and that baby is going to grow up in a horrible family and house and will grow into exactly what they know and probably treat other people just as bad. I don't have the most stable household in the world but it sure as hell is better than THAT. My friend Ellen has been told that she probably will never be pregnant and have her own children unless through a 3rd party or adoption. Sharon is going through her umpteenth IVF and it's not looking positive. Alicia, Ellen, Sharon, and I are just 4 very tiny small examples of why this whole thing is just SCREWED UP. I just don't understand why this happens at all. There can be "bad things" in the world but why does bringing poor defenseless babies in horrible homes while there are wonderful homes and parents praying every night for them? I really don't get it at all.

Here's the link if you want to see and/or bitch for yourself- and read Ellen's blog for her updated post. We're going to be a internet-bitch-slap-team-to-save-babies!

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mrsmoore08 said...

Those stupid bitches. People like this make me sick. How do people like this end up with babies? IT'S NOT FAIR

The Pifer's said...

UGH, that makes me so upset when I read stuff like that, I was looking the other day for blinkies too and I saw one that said "I hate being pregnant" ...WHAT THE CRAP!?!?1 I mean yea I realize there is aches and pains that come with it but please, how could anyone truly hate being really upsets me and I don't understand why some ppl. take for granted such a wonderful blessing!!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

It's just too messed up for words!

alicia said...

It really shocks me what people do and say and how very ignorant people are. This world does not make sense, when you see the list of infertilies on Mels blog list and think, look at the hundreds of couples wanting children SOOO badly, and can't have them and then you look at all those families who abuse, neglect and abandon their children. Why does it happen? It doesn't make sense, and it makes my head and heart hurt when I try to rationalize it.

Anonymous said...

It's just freaking amazing! I was at a bar a few years ago when an obviously pregnant "girl" came in and ordered an alcoholic drink. The bartender didn't notice initially, but when she started to complain that he wasn't putting enough alcohol in her drink and making a scene stating that it was "weak" is when she caught everyone's attention. Obviously this girl was already drunk before she ordered the drink.

Needless to say that she was virtually berated by other patrons in every shape, form, and fashion. The worst part of this is, I'm sure she's someone's mother by now.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

The imbalance in the world is astounding sometimes. Just sending good thoughts for Sunday.

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