Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Awful Dreams

I dream A LOT. Most mornings I wake up feeling exhausted, not rested, because my mind was working all night long. I have nightmares a lot. When I was planning my wedding I had the WORST dreams about things that weren't ready yet. Like I had a dream one night that the guys never got fitted for their tuxes and they all showed up looking like clowns! They had different colored ties and vests than each other, some guy's jackets were way to big and some guy's pants were way too short! I have dreams about my BFF's wedding too! Sometimes I dream about awful awful things that event thinking back on them now make me want to throw up. And they are so so real it's sickening. Barf.

Two nights ago I had a dream that I lost a baby at 40 weeks and no one would monitor her while I was in labor. And I had a dream that I forgot to get all my blood work, US, and start Clomid on day 3. I called to see if I could start a day later. It was awful. I'm not stressing about it! I'm SO EXCITED about starting Clomid. Really weird.

Christopher and I have been talking even more about adoption and we are really really excited about it. It may be something that we might do even if we can get pregnant!

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Mrs. Gamgee said...

Isn't it amazing what our brains do while we sleep? I had a dream last night that the skylight in our living room was open and it was snowing and we had a foot of snow on the carpet... now, I should mention that we live in a second floor condo, obviously have no skylight... and really? snow in the living room? lol... crazy stuff!

mrsmoore08 said...

I love the new layout! Sorry about the icky dreams... I'm all too familiar with those! Hope you are having a good day! LOVE YOU

Jenn said...

cute layout!

Pundelina said...

Hi there, I'm popping in from ICLW to say hey and good luck with your TTC journey.

I have truly weird anxiety dreams too, even when I don't feel anxious.


alicia said...

i have crazy dreams too, and I remember all the details! it usually takes me an hour to explain to keith my dreams each day. its is so weird!

i am excited for you to start clomid too! and the adoption stuff is so exciting as well :)

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