Monday, March 2, 2009

Show And Tell (Plus, SA results, I think?)

Show and Tell
I did this video a long time ago of my dog Cinderella and my other dog Prince Charming. I don't know why but it makes me laugh out loud every single time I watch it. I know it's kinda dark, but it's my favorite thing ever.

This is my new kitty cat, Cisco and his twin borhter Simon who was adopted by my mother in law. I dunno which one is which and I don't know where one ends and the other begins. Sorry for the super crappy phone camera quality.

In non-pet realted news, I called the doctor's office for the 4th time today and they said they will discuss our SA results with us at my next appoint (the 16th) but the doctor would have called if there was anything significant. So I guess that's good. They annoy me.

PLEASE HELP! I can't find my BG info ANYWHERE AND now my header is not centered! I need serious blog-genious help...

4 people that love me told me so:

Where's Baby? said...

How annoying? It's your right to know the results right away. I'm suprised they wouldn't give you some numbers. Sorry. That sucks! But your right, it's a good thing they aren't concerned. :)

Hopefully the 16th will get here quickly.

I love your pets. They are cuties!

Kristin said...

You have adorable pets!

As for your header, it appears centered on my computer screen. Have you recently changed the screen resolution on your computer or anything else that might cause it to appear different?

Beautiful Mess said...

lol, that video is too funny! Those kittens are very cute! Good luck on the 16th. That seems weird they wouldn't give you any info at all.

WiseGuy said...

Funny! It is dark, but certainly visible.

I love your layout.

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