Monday, March 16, 2009

Another Block In The Road

I have really shitty luck. I do. Anything that can happen to me or my husband happens. Its ridiculous and obnoxious! He had to have cortisone injections in his back and they nicked the spinal cord and so he had to have a blood patch. One percent of people the blood patch doesn't work. Guess what? He also got bit by a snake once. Who does that? I had a miscarriage, and not all just health wise. Stuff always gets sent to the wrong addresses. My miscarriage happened the one week lapse we had in health insurances. My wedding invitations got sent to an M state the day I took off of work and sat on my porch literally all day waiting for them. My wedding napkins had July 14th instead of 4th... Just lots of weird bad luck.

I went to my appointment today. My pap last month was abnormal. 2 years ago to the MONTH I had an abnormal which led to biopsies and a LEEP procedure to remove moderate dysplasia. Last month was my last every-3-or-6-month-pap and of course it was abnormal. Which I guess is good it was caught and not progressed a whole year. So Wednesday I am having a colposcopy. She said there weren't very many abnormal cells but with my history, she is doing the Colp.

If all that is well, next month I'll be starting CLOMID!!!!!!! I'm really excited. She's starting me all the way at 100! Don't most Drs start at 50?

I am really saddened by the abnormal pap, not because I'm upset about the possible chance for cervical cancer. Again. But it could delay TTCing for another few months.

OH and you know how they said Christopher's SA was fine? Well they LIED! They didn't even get the results until today while I was waiting! His motility is a little low, borderline, but according to her not a make or break situation. So I told him his boys wouldn't get off their barkaloungers ;) extra points for someone who knows what show THAT'S from!!!!!

2 people that love me told me so:

mrsmoore08 said...

I know where it is from! But I won't spoil it for anyone else that wants to play! Sorry about the pap! I know all to well that shit happens!

The Pifer's said...

I left you something on my page sweetie!!!

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