Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm Changing AF's name

There is no way that my period is Aunt Flo. All my aunts are really really nice. I think from now on, my period will be called SA, Satan's Aunt. Cause she is giving me HELL right now!

I just started a new cycle. The last was 38 days. Ridiculous. I go to the doctor on Monday to talk about the dreaded INFERTILITY word. I have been trying for over a year now, and my miscarriage was in March. That's a year. Wow.

Honestly I'm not surprised. I always figured I'd have problems, being that my mother was told she'd never have kids. I was surprised when I got pregnant more than I am today. But even though I am not surprised, I am still mad and sad.

And I'm almost happy my cycle was so screwed up. They started to get regular again, but now may be, just may be, my doctor will be more aggressive due to my 10 day late SA. Is that bad??

So please oh faithful blogging friend who haven't given up on me when I have seemd to have given up on you. What should I expect and what should I ask?

I plan on becoming a regular poster again. I need you guys more than I remembered. It's been busy here, but I am cutting SOMETHING out for y'all! I need you guys!

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I Believe in Miracles said...

That's a good name for AF!!!

Hope the dr apt goes well.


Kim said...

Welcome back!

alicia said...

yay I am so glad you posted again! Like the new AF nickname :)

Well how it worked for me was that I had to go to my familiy Dr in order to get a referal to the fertiltiy clinic, as my family Dr does not deal AT all with infertilty stuff.

But the important stuff we found out right away was:

1. Your husband needs a semon analysis, that way you can rule him out or know what treatment to start with
2. I had been charting my cycles, so i could show the Dr that I did not ovulate ever, and that my cycle days were really messed up.
3. I asked about Clomid, my Dr couldn't give it to me, but it was the first thing I got at the RE. Find out all about it, what symptoms to expect etc
4. Blood work for you, to test thyroid, hormone levels, all that jazz!

umm thats all I can remember but I am sure there are tons more of things!! good luck! can't wait to hear what the Dr says.

mrsmoore08 said...

I'm so glad you're back... maybe that will encourage me to keep posting. Let me know if you have any questions about the dr... lord knows I've been there a time or two *or 54* LOVE YOU!

B MoM said...

This one may seem a bit obvious, and I'm sure your doc will bring it up, but you should check for PCOS. Its a common cause of infertility and irregular AF cycles. You should also ask for an HSG which helps to check the shape of your uterus. I had one and discovered I had a misshaped uterus (called a subseptate, that caused my miscarriages).

Monica LeMoine said...

Sorry about the messed up cycle-ness. How irritating and frustrating! Dude, glad you are back and postin'!

Alissa said...

Good luck at your appointment and remember YOU are in charge of our health care!

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