Saturday, February 28, 2009


I love babies. They are so beautiful and loving and smell so sweet and I love when they fuss and then you hold them tight and they stop crying and look at me with big baby eyes. I LOVE IT. I crave it. I want it.

Yesterday my friend's baby came out of Level 2 yaaaay!! She's GREAT and I got to hold her and kiss her and love all over her. She's perfect. My friend's husband and mom went to get some drinks from the cafeteria and we three had a little while together. My friend started telling me she can't believe that I'm not bitter. I told her I'm never bitter about babies. I love babies. She told ne to be completly honest that she knew she wouldn't be able to handle these moments like I have. I told her I love her and the baby more than I am sad. It's the dumb Bs that complain and don't deserve babies who make me mad. I told her I was a litle jealous but not at all bitter towards her.

It's a lot easier for me not to be jealous when I'm consumed in baby love. That baby is so so cuddly and just gorgeous. I'm so happy for them but man it makes me want a baby so so bad.

Another friend of mine is pregnant. She is in her 5th week. She has a son who is one and hasn't been able to get past 6 weeks with her past 2 pregnancies. She confided in me today that she was pregnant (cause I kinda guessed it) and she is so so scared and hasn't told anyone that she was pregnant because her other two didn't work out. Please help me pray for her and her new baby to have a long healthy 9 months.

On kitten news... He doesn't love me. He loves his daddy. And his brother, who belongs to my mother in law, adores me. So sad.

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Nic said...

Pleased your friends baby is out level 2 and fingers crossed for your newly pregnant friend. Lets hope this one puts up a good fight. You are a great friend not to be bitter. A small amount of jealousy is normal.

Mrs. Gamgee said...

I think if I got to the point where I was bitter about other people's babies, I would start to worry about my mental health. Yeah, I get jealous and sometimes I even get angry at God for not blessing me in that way, but those feelings pass. Babies are babies... They are a reminder that there is always hope.

Where's Baby? said...

Hey! I just stumbled across your blog. DH and I are seeing Dr. Sch.noor at Sout.heaste.rn Fertility. We've really enjoyed our experiences there. Sadly we haven't had any luck yet. We're still hopeful though! :) Best wishes to you and your DH! :)

Kim said...

Our middle cat is a daddy's girl...drives me up a wall...I feed her!

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