Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's Me!!

Hola! I am here! Thanks to my FBBFE (Favorite Best Blog Friends Ever- Yup I made that up! Don't steal it like Ashliehg stole SSSS, Someone Secret So Shhh, as in I Heart SSSS, in 5th grade. Thanks. hehe) Monica and Shannon. I am here. Here I am! My computer is broken, so I am pretty much and outsider to the internet world. I so sad.

In these past few months that you have missed me (ha.) I have... Gone to Missouri to see my nieces again (drove. 20 hours. Each way. With the inlaws. A whole other story.), read ALL 4 Twilight books (love, love, love them), taken up reading like I used to (a book every couple days... No internet has done this to me!), not gotten pregnant again, had 2 or 3 miscarriage meltdowns (current one being my due date is coming up and 2 of the 3 friends that got pregnant with me had their babies. the 3rd is being induced this week), got my oil changed (it's been over a year!), got an iPod Nano (my new BFF thanks to the new Taylor Swift cd!), got drunk a lot, dressed up as Rainbow Brite for Halloween, drank tons and tons of formaldehyde (diet pepsi/coke for the newbies stumbling over), and worked a lot.

So all in all, same ol same ol ;)

I miss my blog family so so much!!! Occasionally I get on and try to catch up on everyone, but usually I'm at work, and it doesn't work out so well!!! But you are all in my thoughts xoxox

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sharonvw said...

Hey Sweetheart
So glad to hear from you!!!
Sounds like you've been really busy!
Take it easy and don't beat yourself up over the mc melt downs, I still have them after all these years.
The 2 year anniversary of my last one is coming up this week and I"m dreadingit!

Monica LeMoine said...

Glad you're back!

alicia said...

thanks for the update! i was getting worried!

it sounds like you have been a busy girl! I hope you are able to start writting more soon :)

B said...

we were wondering where you have been. Glad to hear you're doing well......

Kim said...

Glad to have you back!

Stephanie said...

Hi! So long story short I found your blog through a few others. I am ttc as well, and I have also had a MC. TTC is NOT fun! I have had plenty of meltdowns as well, and well I just wanted to give you some *baby Dust*.
My bestfriend was 2 weeks behind me, and we just found out that due to some problems she is getting induced on my due date. yea..not fun..
But anyways..thanks for listening to me rant and rave and LOTS & LOTS of BabyDust & a BFP YOUR way!

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