Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I can remember 1989, but not to do my Wii Fit!

Wow when I started this post I broke the A on my keyboard. I got it under control now. SHEW!!! That was close!!! I started to think about how often I actually use the A, and if it would be a problem. But after lots of bad words and throwing things, I fixed it! Woo hoo!!

Anyways, not much to report today! I am feeling a lot better, and I loved all the comments I got on my last (real) post. It was GREAT to see so many people that have been through what I have and make it on the other side alive and not in the looney bin. It gives me hope that I won't end up in a straight jacket before this is over! (Of course, it goes without saying I wish no one knew that feeling, but you know what I mean!)

Today I kinda just relaxed a reconnected with my young side. A couple weeks ago I purchased the Miley Cyrus cd (totally awesome, BTW) and today I watched High School Musical 1 & 2. They were pretty cute! I have to work for the next 4 days YUCK! I usually only work 2, but I guess I have to make the money to make up for that Wii some how!

Unless Hanna makes her way here on Friday and/or Saturday. She changes in the news every 5 seconds, so I won't know for sure until work tomorrow if I have to work or not. Of course I don't want it to be a bad hurricane, I mean who wants a horrible storm to come? But I would also like to not have to drive an hour to work in a category 1 hurricane. So if I don't have to, that'd be great! We have these little scares all the time, but I don't think I've actually been a real grown up that had a house and stuff to worry about! Our huge hurricane was Hugo in 1989 and I was 4!! All I remember is being at my grandmothers house and coming home to a tree fallen next to our house. It lifted up the fence between our yard and the niehgbor's and their grandson and I crawled in between each other's yards like it was the coolest thing in the world! Oh and my parents took a shower in the rain outside in their bathing suits. I remember that. I remember thinking they were so stupid. I recently told my mom this, and she said she thought I wouldn't do it because I was scared. Nope. Cause you looked like a lunatic mom. I also remember them blowing out a candle at night and I was scared because it was PITCH DARK! And I remember going for a walk and asking the electric guys when they would turn my electricity back on! Wow I have a great memory. :) Couldn't tell you what happened yesterday, but I remember September 1989!!

It's fun sometimes to reflect back on your youth and do youthful things. Keeps us young I guess. Reminds me of a simmpler time. Even though trees down, being scared about if my mom was alright because she had to stay and work in Charleston at the hospital, playing on my swing set and swinging into fallen trees, taking showers in the rain... I was being taken care of in all of those situations and I never really felt totally out of control. It's a peaceful feeling, being taken care of. May be a little Miley Cyrus and HSM does that for me. Reminds me of a simpler time. I do get a young feeling when I'm boppin along with those songs. Reminds me of the days my BFF Emily and I used to play Britney Spears in the car in high school on the way downtown to go shopping. We didn't have to worry about bills, just new sterling silver charms we could add to our charm bracelets at the Market!

ANYWAYS! That was fun ;) You should try it!

I have been slacking on my Wii Fit. And I have to work the next few days so that Wii Fit Board is going to give me a really really really hard time the next time I get on. The other day I had GAINED 3 pounds and he made me pick WHY I thought I had gained weight. What the heck?! Stupid board. and my husband had LOST weight. Isn't that just the icing on the cake? Mmmmm cake.... But seriously! I have been really good lately! I had french fries today just because I have been so good, but that is the only time I have been bad since I started this whole thing! Whatever. My weight changes every day depending on what I have eaten and if I have pooped, which I never do, so I'm not too worried about it I guess... I just need to be CONSISTANT on the things that I do and not slack off!

Hahahaha I can remember intricate details from when I was 4, but not to work out every day. Something is wrong there.... LOL

2 people that love me told me so:

sharonvw said...

Its funny the things we remember from childhood. I recall seeing a house on fire as a child, we were in the car driving past and the family were sitting on their roof. I think I was about 3 years old. Weird.
Om 1989 I was... wait for it...17!! Ha ha.
Glad you're feeling better.

alicia said...

that wii fit can be so mean hey?? I hate how he makes me pick why I have gained weight! Like I feel bad enough already!!! ha ha. I am sucking out at my workouts too. oh well!

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