Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happier than I have been in a while!!!

Today I am SOO SOO happy!

Yesterday Christopher's parents asked us to ride with them to Missouri to visit Christopher's brother, his wife, and our 2 nieces! I am so so so so ecstatic. Let me build this feeling up for you a little, mostly because I want you to understand how happy I am, and because I am in a happy writing mood.

My husband and I started dating on July 4th, 2003. We had our first kiss! That was the day that I met his brother Matt and his brother's girlfriend, Cassie. It was at Matt and Christopher's July 4th cookout! That's when I kissed Christopher on the roof under the fireworks! And we have been inseparable since then! My first official date with Chris was watching Finding Nemo with Matt and Cassie.

That November 1st, Christopher proposed to me, and then Matt and Cassie got a townhouse and asked us if we wanted to move in! We did!! December 25th, Matt proposed to Cassie! We were 2 happy couples! I am an only child and was only 18, and wasn't a very good roommate. I really wish I could have enjoyed the time a little more too, but it's okay...

That March 2004 Matt got sent overseas in Iraq. That July 4th, Christopher and I got married! Matt came home in October for Cassie's birthday and OOPS got her pregnant! I was so so so so happy. Cassie is my first and only sister. And all those years growing up I thought I would never never had nieces and nephews and my mom told me to marry someone with lots of brothers and sisters so that I would! So you can only imagine how incredibly excited I was. November the lease ended at the townhouse and Christopher and I moved into an apartment and Matt and Cassie rented a duplex. Matt came home May 2006, they were married May 29th, and June 21st Regan Brooke came into this world!

I have always loved babies, but this little girl absolutely stole my heart. I loved that girl more than anything in the world! Christopher and I babysat her when she was a couple days old so Cassie and Matt could see a movie and it was so so so fun! OMG Regan had this crazy personality the DAY she came into the world (now that I think about it, she had it long before she came OUT of the womb!!!) and still to this day she is such an amazingly smart, energetic, and hilarious little girl!

Before Regan turned 1, Matt and Cassie realized they were pregnant again!! I remember Cassie telling me she knew she was pregnant and I thought she was CRAZY because she wouldn't even be physically pregnant YET! But now I know how she felt. On December 21st 2006, she gave birth to Jordan Mikayla!!! 18 months EXACTLY after Regan was born. They are 1 and a half years apart to the day! The first day of Summer and the first day of Winter :)

These 2 little girls lived near me most of their lives (as in near, like next door) and I watched them grow up so so so much. Regan is the crazy little ball of energy and Jordan is the most sweetest prettiest little girl! They are both wild, but so cute you just kinda ignore it.

Through all of these years Cassie and I got closer and closer. We went through a lot together, and I love her so much. She is my one and only sister, and she gave me the most beautiful 2 little girls in the whole world to love.

Around this same time last year Matt resigned active duty Army and was shipped off to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri in December for training. In May he was permately stationed there, took 10 days off, came home, and took Cassie, Regan, and Jordan away from Charleston.

Besides the miscarriage, I have never been so so so sad. I'm living in the house they used to live in now and it is so so weird to see Regan's pink nursery without her in it, not hear them laughing in the TV room, or swinging on the swing set outside my dining room window. I HATE not having Cassie call me everday "Come over, what are you doing, ride with me to blah blah blah." I never had a friend move away in my life, and to have my best friend, sister, and my nieces move was really really hard for me. After my miscarriage, those two girls were the only things that could actually make me smile, and omg I hugged them so hard and thanked God for them.

In July my mother in law and I flew out to Missouri to see them, and next month we will be driving with my father in law and Christopher to see them for a long weekend! I absolutely dread the drive (I hate riding 10 minutes down the road, much less 15 hours...) but I will do ANYTHING to see Regan, Jordan and Cassie!!! Those girls are the LOVES of my life!!

Regan's 3rd birthday Princess Party!
Sweet sweet Jordan
Love that baby gap
Our last trip to Missouri, Nana painting Jordan's nails hehehehe

In Missouri making "sad faces", July 4th :) She later set that dress on fire with a sparkler...

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Silver said...

That must really suck having them so far away. Hope the car ride isn't too bad when you go!

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