Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Trip To The Doctor!

Last night I started having some pretty painful (well, I think so. I haven't had real labor obviously) Braxton Hicks. Enough to make me stop my sentence and whine and complain. I knew they weren't real contractions since my whole belly wasn't getting hard, just one side, the other, or in the middle. They hurt no matter what my position I was in. I had about 10 in 45 min-1 hour. I drank a bunch of water and went to sleep.

Today they just got more and more painful. I had a friend US me. She did a trans abdominal and said she couldn't tell if it was short or not (knowing this wasn't accurate, but my theory was, if it was really short, you'd be able to tell) because Bumble B's head is using my oh so fabulous cervix as a pillow and just burrowing his head right in! So I called the Dr and got in at 2:40.

I didn't get my regular doctor, but I didn't care. He checked me, said I was closed up, and I very nicely demanded an US to check my length. The tech just happened to have an opening at that moment, so I got to see my little man again! We got a look at the heart and LSpine that we couldn't get before since he was breach and had his BUTT in my cervix, not his head. He was pretty lazy and just chillin, not wanting to have pictures taken. Cervical length was good!

The doctor also measured my belly and said my weight gain (4 lbs!) and size (I think so small) were perfect. I told him some people said I was too little and he said nope, I was just little, so baby and I would stay little, but we were growing perfectly. That made me feel a lot better!

So basically the verdict of the day is- Baby's fine, I'm going to have painful Braxton Hicks for the remainder of my pregnancy. I'll be one of those lucky ladies. And you know, that's FINE! Now that I know the baby is fine and I'm fine and I know exactly what is going on, I can deal. Not knowing is the scary part!

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We're Expecting! said...

I'm glad you and sweet baby are doing well. I have a question for you? Did your second baby finally "vanish," as the doctor's call it? We had our last ultrasound at 10 weeks. Our second baby was still there but measured 6.5 weeks, and of course didn't have a heart beat. I just wonder if our second baby will always be noticable on the ultrasounds or if he or she will really "vanish" soon. Thank you!!! It's so nice to know that you have been through the same thing as me!

Katie said...

Hey! I could see the other baby and sac up to my 14 week US. After that I haven't seen her again. She finally "vanished". I don't know if she's just hidden since the baby is so so so much bigger now or what, but we can't see it!

Elana Kahn said...

Here's some ass-vice about Braxton-Hicks. Drink more water. Even if you feel like you've drunk the entirety of Niagara Falls, drink some more. lol It should help the contrax (and it's good for you too.) Whenever I went into the hospital with B-H contrax they always made me drink water and hooked me up to an IV (urgh).

B MoM said...

Hey thanks for the positive wishes on my blog. =) Can you refinish your crib to get it in the darker wood that you prefer? I thought about getting a light colored wood crib since the changing table we got is light, but my mom reminded me about her BF's abilities and she said, dont settle...get what you want...so I am! =) Maybe you can too?

Scary about the BH! I read on WTE that if you have more than 5 BH to call the doctor, so I'm glad you did. Glad to hear your little bebe is doing well. Looks like your uterus will be good and ready to push that baby out when the time comes. Not for a few more months though!!

just me, dawn said...

So very glad that you are fina and baby is fine, and that you got yourself checked out. I am sure you felt so much better hearing that your cervix is great :)

Alissa said...

I'm glad to hear that everything is ok!

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