Monday, September 28, 2009

Cloth Diapering

I've been saying I want to cloth diaper this whole pregnancy. But every time I look and research, my head spins. There is so much information, I just quit.

However today, I think I have narrowed down what I WANT. And 2 types of diapers out there that coniside with my wishes hehe.

I want a diaper that you can reuse over and over as long as it is not soiled. Just change the inserts or prefolds. BumGenious is coming out with a new one called Flip that does this. Also, Cotton Babies has one called Econobum that do this and are cheap. I'm doing this because we have all of a sudden become poor LOL. So I think these would be our best bet.

Are there other brands/diapers that do the same thing that I'm missing??

Anyone have suggestions for me? PLEASE help me!

Update- I have learned that groBaby does the same, but they're more expensive. And from what I may understand is that you don't have to use their pads, you can use whatever??

Many thanks to for all the help she's giving me on Twitter!

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B MoM said...

hmm, never eventhought of cloth diapering as a money saver. I'd like to get into it for the environment, but thought the convenience of disposables clearing outweighs any benefit of cloth. I'm going to look into it too and I'll let you know what I come up with. Let us know what you finally decide to go with.

Marni's Organized Mess said...

I didn't cloth with my son AT ALL. I didn't start with my daughter until she was 2 and only really to try for a bit.

I plan to majority do it this time.

I will use BumGenius and Haute Pockets.

Good luck!

Tina said...

No advice at all. I give you major props for going the cloth route!! I just don't think I could do it!!!

Amanda said...

Here from LFCA

I've been exploring cloth diapering lately too but haven't made any purchases yet but I wanted to pass on a link to Simple Mom's Cloth Diapering 101 week. There is a cloth diaper review that you might like.

Good luck!

Ninefirefly said...

Ok we have been cloth diapering since our little girl was born and what we do is use the prefolds and a cover. It's the cheapest way to go and it's not really that hard at all. I wash the diapers ever other day or once every three days and it's no big deal. The covers can be used all day as long as there is no poop and then washed. This was the best way for us and it's worked out great. HTH!

annacyclopedia said...

I'm planning on using cloth, too. One of my good friends owns a mom and baby store, and she recommended Bummis. They are prefolds with re-usable covers, and she used them with her two kids. She recommends them for exactly the reason you say here - that you can reuse the cover unless it is dirty, and it's overall much easier and cheaper than the all-in-ones. She also pointed out that you can fold the diaper part differently depending on the gender of your baby to maximize absorbency. It's a Canadian company - not sure where you are and what prices and shipping would work out to for you, but that's my advice.

Good luck!

MrsSpock said...

I've been cloth diapering for about 17 months. We used cloth since birth. We use Bumgenius 3.0 at day care, and prefolds with Thirsties covers or wool at home. I have both hemp and microfiber liners.

I prefer pocket diapers because I can tailor the stuffing to my child. My son soaked through every AIO I ever tried.

I just got a ton of "seconds" for $6 less than usual at the cottonbabies seconds sale. You can get Bumgenius 3.0 for only $12/each instead of 18. We now have about 20 Bumgenius, and they work fine for us. The "seconds" are slightly irregular. All look fine to me- most were just smudged with a bit of dirt and not able to be sold as usual.

I suggest just buying a few of each you would like, because not every cloth (other than prefolds) fits every baby. FuzziBunz work great, but my son's thighs are so skinny they leak on him.
Here's a link to my cloth posts.

You can do a basic system with prefolds and Thirsties, with sprayer and wet bags for $550-600. Over a lifetime of 2 years, you will save about 1000-1500.

You can also try different cloth at Jillian's Diapers with a sampler pack.

Heather said...

We've used the DIY version of the new Flip for years now. (A PUL cover + the bumgenius insert + their suede insert sock to keep wetness away.) It's been a very effective and economical combination for us.

If I were choosing between the Flip and the Econobum, I'd go with the Flip. The suede layer on the insert does a great job of keeping wetness off baby's skin. I'd also pick up a couple of the insert socks--one nice thing about them is that you can stuff them with hemp inserts or extra microfiber inserts for overnight.

Sunny said...

Here from LFCA. I use a collection of different styles of cloth diapers, I like the variety. :) I love how the groBaby diapers fit my son, the way it velcros is really nice. I'm not so sure about using other inserts, though. I like the ones they offer, they snap in place just perfect. I'm not very handy at rigging up my own diapers, so I just use what it comes with... but I suppose if you could get the other inserts to stay in place, you could use the shell.

Holly said...

Some mommas just use the gDiaper covers and use their own cloth inserts at home and use the disposable inserts when out and about. I love love love CDing. We use OS pocket diapers called Tiny Tush OS Elite. I think that OS dipes save money. JMO though!!

I've used BG 3.0s before and I switched to snaps as the aplix wore out quickly. I'm really liking snaps now. A good site to guy is They have free shipping. and have good prices. Diaperswappers is a great place to get good secondhand dipes. I've bought a lot off there and it's been great!!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

My suggestion... look into local diaper delivery services. I was checking it out last time I was pregnant, and I found that they are cheaper than disposables, without the cost layout of buying all the diapers.

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