Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cervical Length is a Pain

I had a doctor's appointment today. I know, again. This was my regularly scheduled appointment.

We talked about my cervical length. She said it was 3cm. She said it wasn't funneling or dilating, which is obviously fantastic, but it was a little short. She said at 2.5cm she would normally do a cerclage. She said she could do one, but she thinks it would just hurt more than help (I'm guessing she meant "piss your cervix off") at this point. She said she is expecting it to be shorter because of my LEEP (2 years ago due to moderate to severe dysplasia). The doctor last week said there is an outside cervix and inside cervix and my outside felt fine. The way my doctor this week is talking it sounds like my outside is shortened? Anyways, she said if I ever feel that pressure or pain I did last week again, to STOP what I'm doing and rest. She said listen to my body and do what it says.

So I read up on Keep Em Cookin' (if you have not been to that site. GO NOW! It's full of fantastic info and the girl who runs it and the Twitter, @keepemcookin is so great!) and it says 4-4.5 is normal for my gestation and 2.5 and under is cause for concern. So I'm in the middle low of that. But if she's expecting me to be a bit short, that's okay...?

I felt like I asked all the right and great questions at the appointment and now I feel at loss again. Has anyone else had a LEEP, been at 3cm at 21-23 weeks but had no other troubles at all? I was 21w5d when the ol' cervix was measured, 22w5d today. Should I be concerned, or just chillax like my doctor is telling me to? I'm glad she said to listen to my body. I think I have been and I have felt stupid for it, but she reassured me that that's okay!

In other appointment news, all of the results from last week's US on Bumble B's little spine didn't go through on the computer so I had to have another. Oh darn! He was finally FACE UP! He's always been face down! So I got his FIRST PROFILE PIC! I love him so so so much! He looks just like his daddy already! His has my old chin though (overbite that resulted in years and thousands of dollars to fix). He's so so so stinkin cute though. So ugly he's ADORABLE. I just want to hold him and kiss him and love on him. Looking at that little face I forget about all of our money troubles and worries about working and how we're going to handle this and all I can think about it "Oh my gosh. That is my little boy that looks like us and I want to hold him and kiss him and never ever ever ever let him go." I don't know HOW I will make it these next 15-17 weeks! I just can't wait to love on him!

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Laura Fiegel said...

Definitely don't worry!

My cervix, depending on the tech that measures it, is anywhere from 2.8-3.2 and it was around the same length with Brice too. My water broke at 39w1d with Brice. Actually, the first few transvag u/s I had with Brice they measured my cervix at 1.8cm!!! They were missing a piece (mine is kind of L shaped) - I actually measured a bit longer.

I had a LEEP in Dec 2005 and a cone biopsy (much more invasive than a LEEP) in April 2006. Both of these procedures have resulted in my shorter than normal and very oddly shaped cervix.

The tech who measured me last week thought I had a cerclage but it was actually just a nice amount of scar tissue, lol.

I've been contracting regularly since Saturday for 1-3 hour periods. My doctor, a MFM specialist, said he is comfortable with me having 6 contractions an hour at this point.

Just take it easy and I am pretty sure you're little man will stay put until term!!!

Nina said...

How sweet! He's beautiful!

The Patterson's said...

Sorry that I can't help you on the cervix length question. But, how nice that you got another ultrasound! :-)

B MoM said...

He is pretty adorable isn't he? =) I feel excited as well, but also overwhelmed a little at how we're going to handle this. I guess no one is really truly prepared, but somehow, you do it and it'll be fine. =)

Elana Kahn said...

SOOOO CUTE!!!! My cervix measured 1cm or less at 20 weeks (with twins) and they did an immediate cerclage. I never made it back up past 2cm. They put me on progesterone suppositories, which I think helped a TON. Once I stopped the suppositories was when I started dilating. HOWEVER...I didn't actually continue dilating past 2cm after they took the cerclage out. I stayed at 2cm until the twins were delivered at 35 weeks. Therefore, the doctor is not convinced that my cervix was actually incompetent. Basically, don't worry *too* much about a cervix that's 3cm. Have them keep checking it and possibly put you on progesterone suppositories.

Jules said...

Not familiar with LEEP, but just "as is" I (apparently according to my OB) have a short cervix. Spent most of the pregnancy around 2.5-2.75 and got past 36 weeks.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Had a leep and cone in 2002 I had a cerc placed at weeks 10 and 11 as well.. teice actually as the first time the sticthes fell out.. lovely.. Most times they are done prior to 14 week mark. My cervix was shorter dus to the leep and was done more for preventive measures. 3cm should be fine at this point. Have to weigh the risk at this point, infection -preterm etc.. Most drs will wait with a singleton at this point. Mine went to 1.6 and stayed there till i delivered at 40w 3 dayd

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