Thursday, September 17, 2009

V Day!

Today is Bumble B's viability day! He is 24 weeks today and has a good chance to live outside of the womb in case something were to happen! I can't believe that I may actually be having a baby! One of my own! It's crazy!

My nieces and BIL and SIL came in yesterday. I haven't seen the girls since February. Let me tell you, 7 months makes a HUMONGOUS difference in a 2 and 4 year old! They are completely different and so incredibly grown. It's amazing. I can't stop looking at them. They look so different and their personalities have evolved so much. R is such a great big sister and J has turned into a DIVA! R can walk on her hands, do an amazing cartwheel, and bend back into a bridge. I could never do any of that. She flips off of the swing set, it's crazy. J's hair has grown like 6 inches it seems. She's got beautiful curly cues and is speaking in complete sentences, and I can understand everything she says!

This weekend I am throwing Christopher a Daddy's Shower! We are having it at an apartment complex that my SIL's sister works for. There will be a pool, boy food (pizza, wings, etc) and Christopher's team (Tampa Bay) will be playing, plus we're having Madden 2010 tournaments. He and his brother are planning on making a bracket and all this stuff. I figured they'd just "play winner" but they are really getting into it. There is a pool, but I have a feeling they won't be using it. Christopher's brother and best friend are both stationed halfway across the country and are BOTH in this weekend, so I really wanted to do something. His brother is really bummed that he's missing out on the baby, and Christopher is so incredibly excited about the baby, I really believe that he deserves a little celebration with his friends too!

I got us some tshirts for the event, and they came in yesterday!

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Caragh said...

Can I just say that it is amazing that you are all doing that for your husband, it is so incredibly sweet that you are honoring him as the father of your little boy in this way.
I've never heard of anything like this and its truly beautiful.

PS I love those shirts!!!

Tina said...

Congrats on V Day!!!

I absolutely LOVE the idea of having a Daddy's Shower. What a great way to include him and get his male friends and family involved!

Love the t-shirts as well! Too cute!

B MoM said...

good idea on the t-shirts. when we have my shower, I'm making DH where his!

Beautiful Mess said...

I love the idea of a daddy shower! That's awesome! Have so much fun. Enjoy all your friends and family.

Happy V-Day. WOW 24 weeks already?! Goodness!

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