Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Last Night's Follow-up

If you haven't read yesterday's post about my phone call with my mom, scroll down a little and read. I'll wait here....

Okay well first off I want to say thanks so much for all of the comments. I haven't talked to her yet, but now that I have slept on it and read your notes I feel like I should post again.

I posted last night literally within 5-10 minutes of the phone call and resulting hang up. I was really really upset and all of those feelings were real and raw. This morning I'm feeling a little less lost and emotional about it.
She texted me and asked me why I was mad. She doesn't know. She had a margarita at dinner and was actually a bit drunk. I don't for one second think that she didn't mean what she said. I know she did since people say what they really think when drunk. But I think she didn't mean to say it. I've known for a while that she thinks I should be over this. My mom had/has PCOS and she and my dad both were told they wouldn't be able to have kids. She just accepted it. She never really liked kids that much, and really wasn't upset about it. So even though she knows how much I love children and want a baby, I don't think she understands my sorrow and want.

Anyways I texted her back and told her what she said to me because she didn't remember, and then told her she really hurt my feelings and I never ever expected her to ever say that to me. She wrote back and said she has no clue waht she said and she was so so sorry for hurting my feelings etc. So I wrote HER back (lol sorry) and told her. She hasn't texted me since. So I don't know what's going on but I'm sure she'll call me later.

I don't think our relationship will be forever changed like I thought last night. I think I'll not be talking about the m/c with her anymore, but that is just one other person I suppose!

Thanks again so much for your comments. It made me feel better to know I had reason to be upset and to get a couple pieces of advice to forgive and forget. I'll let yall know what happens...

(Sorry for any typos in these posts. I'm on my phone, so no spell check or patience to look through myself lol!)

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alicia said...

I am glad you are communicating with your mom again. I hope you 2 can work it out. It can be so hard dealing with family when they just don't get the pain of infertility. Maybe you can explain to her the things that hurt and the things you need to hear, I know opening up about it to my family really made a difference and they all didn't realize they were saying hurtful things! good luck!

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