Wednesday, August 12, 2009

US and Registering!

Yesterday was our anatomy scan and doctor's appointment. The US went great. On my end anyways... Little Bumble B is a constant wiggler and squirmer, which of course I knew and I love. However, making for a good anatomy scan, is not so great.

Everything that she could get looked GREAT. However she could not get a good enough shot of his 4-chamber heart or his LSpine because he's breach, sitting on his butt, legs Indian style, chillin with me. I think he might be a good lap sitter ;)

So UNFORTUNATELY I have to have another US in 4 weeks! I'm glad of course, because I love seeing that cute jackolantern face. I'm not too worried about the heart because I have seen the 4 chambers before. A little worried about the spine because the friend who did the US on Friday couldn't see it either. I know it's his position, but it still worries me a bit. I'm sure spina bifida could have been detected at the 12 week scan when he was sleeping like a log. And surely my friend would have caught it at 14 weeks. My BW for the baby and neural defects came back fine. I know they can be false negative and positive, but I wasn't worried. And he's moving his legs, so that's a good sign...

I'm sure it's nothing, but what mom isn't really a mom if she doesn't worry once in a while... Or all the time?!

Yesterday he also made a HUGE roll over and scared the living bajeesus out of me! I was just laying down, watching TV, hand on my belly and BAM! I jumped 10 feet! It was CRAZY. When will I get used to THAT?!

We also registered yesterday. OMG I was SPENT when we were done. I don't think I got out of bed the rest of the afternoon. We registered at Babies R Us and Target. We decided on a bedding that we liked a lot online but weren't sure about. We liked it a lot more in person. Plus it'll be easier and cheaper (on our part) than the pirate theme we were considering since we'd have to buy everything online from boutiques and stuff ourselves. The pack and play I want though is unfortunately only online. But may be a far away relative will get it and have it shipped. That'd be nice ;)

Here is a pic from my US. My absolute favorite. The past two scans he's been constantly sucking on that thumb! I LOVE it!
(Click for a larger view!)

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LStewart said...

My daughter's baby stayed in a weird position throughout most of her pregnancy and during some of her US they had trouble seeing certain things. One US Tech decided to have Heather turn onto her left side and attempt a better viewing of Lil Bit from that angle and it worked perfectly. Everything they couldn't see with her lying on her back they were able to see clearly from a side lying position. Give it a try during your next US and hopefully you will be able to see those things that keep hiding while your lying on your back.

Tina said...

What a wonderful sight that must be to see your little Bumble B! I am so glad that you get to go in in 4 weeks to see him again!!

Registering just makes me shiver at the thought of it! I thought BBB was bad for the wedding, so I can't imagine doing it pregnant with babies/pregnant women everywhere!!

The Patterson's said...

Wow! The big anatomy scan already...time is flying! How exciting that you get to have another ultrasound in 4 weeks! Hope they find that everything is okay- which I am sure they will.

Nic said...

So cute sucking on his thumb!!

The Unproductive One said...

Glad to hear everything is going well.

Gorgeous pic.


B MoM said...

Having another u/s is great! You get to see your bebe one more time!! =)

Nina said...

What a cute pic!

Future Mama said...

How fun! congrats on everything!! I love the US pictures, tooo cute!!! So happy for you!

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