Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So I'm on and this girl is actually complaining about her friend who just had a miscarriage because her friend doesn't want to hear about her pregnancy. She is so incredibly insensitive about it, it's sickening. She's wondering if she is in the wrong or her friend, and all the girls say her friend is wrong.

I lost friends when I wasn't pregnant after my miscarriage. It sucked and I know it wasn't fair and I feel guilty for it, but it had to be done. And I have a friend who has ditched me completely since I have become pregnant, and yes it hurts A LOT, but I can't blame her one bit.

I would never in a million years wish a miscarriage on ANYONE, but I would wish these stuck up ignorant whores one MINUTE of the worst pain I felt through my miscarriage. They have no clue what it felt like to flush their baby down the toilet and then watch the people closest to them parade around with their bellies and joys.

Just because we get pregnant doesn't make IF or loss ANY easier or better. I still get pissed when I read about this kind of stuff. I even get upset still when I see my friends' babies' picture that were due when I was due. I get jealous sometimes when I see belly pictures. Totally stupid, I know, but it happens. It never ever goes away...

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Jill said...

wow... seriously? Sometimes thebump women are crazy

Nic said...

Some people are so insensitive, I cant believe it. I think that once I get pregnant I will still find it hard to see bumps. Once an IF, always an IF.

Kim said...

There are people who will just never get it. It never ceases to amaze me that a woman carrying a child, worrying about that child, cannot understand what it might be like for someone to have that very same thing and have their worst worries realized.

Cassandra said...

There is some useful information there, but the postings from readers on the pregnancy sites always drive me nuts. Even worse is when everyone chimes in to support the fertile jerks and say that the infertiles/ women experiencing loss are the ones who are wrong! I'll stick to infertile pregnant women, thank you.


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