Thursday, August 20, 2009

20 Weeks!!!

I am halfway done! I can't believe it! This is such a major milestone for me! I don't know if it is to all preggos out there, but this is so tremendous, and I'm not really sure why! 20 weeks just sounds PREGNANT to me! Like this is totally 100% real, and I am nearing the end. I seriously in all honesty never thought this moment would happen. This morning on my way to work the baby was having a 20 week party in my uterus. he was dancing and celebrating for sure! I think it tired him out because he's been sleeping for the last hour or two. This was a day I never thought I would make. In a month I will hit viability, and there may actually be a chance that I will have a real live baby soon. Wow!

Things I am experiencing, because I know you're DYING to find out!
1. I found stretch marks on my new beautiful baby boobies. Boo.
2. I'm turning into one of those paranoid freak moms. I registered for a breathable bumper, won't be using a positioner, and will have moving air in nursery at all times. I don't mind "leashes" because the thought of my child being snatched right from my hand scares the crap out of me. I sent a scary scary crash test baby video to my in laws because they think car seats are stupid. They're stupid...
3. My belly button is stretching. I have an outie in an innie and the innie part is starting to come out a little and there is another tiny innie under the main innie that you couldn't see unless you moved the big innie out of the way. Gross I know. Plus the bottom hole of my past belly button piercing is no longer IN my belly button. It's above it.
4. I have a HINT of a linea n-whatever. The dark line that cuts your belly in half. It's really low, not all the way to the mutant button yet.
5. 2nd trimester was supposed to be full of energy and sex? No way. I am so freaking tired I could die and sex? You have GOT to be kidding me. You know when you're constipated and have a huge poop stuck in your butt? That's what it feels like in my vagina. Go away leg humping husband.
6. Babycenter and TheBump newsletters jinxed me. I wasn't having midnight leg cramps until those biatches sent me about 28 emails warning me about them. Thanks y'all!
7. Baby boy showed off his man business Monday. On his uncle's birthday. I think that was a sign he's going to take after his Uncle M who never passes up a chance to chase my husband and his friend around with his wiener, delighting in their girlish screams and attempts to hide in closets and under tables with their poor faces covered.
8. Bumble B doesn't want to give all his love away yet. Definitely a mama's boy! He only kicks for me, and when daddy puts his hand on my belly, it's over. I'm considering exclusively breast feeding so he'll love me more than anyone else. How evil is that?
9. I realized that Caffeine Free Pepsi really doesn't taste bad. It almost tastes just like Diet. the hubster got me the wrong kind. I was so desperate I drank it anyways, and now if that's the only option, I have no qualms cause it's JUST as yummy!
10. Bumble B likes Sweettarts!!!!!

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Laura Fiegel said...

Yay for the 1/2 way mark!! It's a definite relief to make it this far - I hope the rest of your pregnancy continues to fly by so that before you know it, you will be holding your sweet baby boy in your arms!!

just me, dawn said...

YAY for 20 weeks :)

B MoM said...

Hey, I got stretch mark on my boobie too (but just my left!!). And my linea nigra started showing up just faintly around 20 weeks for me too. And my little guy LOVES LOVES LOVES sweets too. =)

kathi said...

Re 2., I'm not seeing any paranoid freakishness, just love and care. Quite honestly it's a little scary to hear that there are grandparents-to-be that think car seats are stupid. Guess they are/were not in the medical or emergency professions!

:: ICLW ::

Nina said...

Mine loves Lay's tater chips and chili. Go figure.

The Unproductive One said...

Congrats for getting to 20 weeks, hope the next half sails along nicely.


MoonNStarMommy said...

Stopping by via the ICLW links :)

YAY for HALF WAY ... it's a HUGE HUGE milestone!!

You are a completely normal Mommy-to-be :) You are doing all the things that you feel is right to do what is right for your Bumble B and that's exactly what is right, no matter what it is!

YAY for boy parts!! I have 5 sets in my house!!! HELP!?!?!? LOL

In Due Time said...

I demand a new post for ICLW missy. LOL!

Love ya.. xoxo :-)

WiseGuy said...

Yay for being half-way through! Good luck with the rest!

Car seats are stupid? Oh my!


KuKd Chick said...

AWESOME! Great feeling, I know! Looking forward to updates on the second half, which I"m sure is going to rock.

Baby Hungry said...

Congrats on being 1/2 way done. Your success on your first Clomid cycle give me hopw! Thanks!


Lisa RM said...


Kristin said...

Huge congrats on hitting 20 weeks. How exciting that your little boy is so active.


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